Stained Glass Window Films

Real stained glass is really expensive and is usually associated with churches or other prominent buildings. Not anymore.

Now you can mimic the real thing for only a fraction of the cost. You can recreate the elegance, beauty, and richness of stained glass in your own home. How? With stained glass window film.

Stained glass window films are a perfect way to turn ordinary glass surfaces of your home into something extraordinary. And you can do that without breaking the bank.

Decorative Stained Glass Window Film

Here are a few examples of decorative window films that simulate the look of stained glass:

Lost Lake Stained Glass Window Film Savannah Stained Glass Window Film Mandalay Stained Glass Window Film

For more details and price, click on a particular image above.

Benefits of stained glass window films:
  • Very affordable
  • Many wonderful designs to choose from
  • Easy to install (DIY)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to remove or replace
And you know what - they look so realistic your neighbors won't even know the difference.

Where To Buy?

You can check your local home improvement stores, but if you want lots of different designs to choose from and competitive prices, look online. I buy either at or

Check it out and see if you can find something for yourself.